Italdesign is a leading company able to inspire, integrate, develop and produce the most cutting‑edge solutions in mobility and many industrial fields in today’s globalised market.

Our mission is being a visionary design, engineering and prototyping company able to turn into a system integrator and to anticipate the needs of a fast‑changing world.

From styling to engineering, from prototypes manufacturing to testing and validation, Italdesign is your service company.


Take the Leap

Innovation has been Italdesign’s fil rouge over the years in whatever internal business unit and activity. What if the innovation process were capillarized on the company’s employees to foster their […]

Italdesign expands and opens new company in Shanghai

Italdesign announces the starting of operations of Italdesign China in Shanghai, new company located at the premium Aurora Plaza Tower in the Pudong Financial District, Lujiazui, with an onsite structured […]

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