Interiors are becoming richer and more complex: ergonomics, distinctive design, UX experience and HMI. Italdesign team masters them all​


Interior design means the direct experience users live inside a vehicle.​

Italdesign creates stylistic solutions for interiors, offering a 360° sensorial experience, which aspires to be unique and innovative.​

The team continuously enriches its background with new trends and futuristic contents.​

Vehicle interiors are becoming more complex and sophisticated year after year. Automobiles have become extensions of our lifestyle. Agricultural machines feature advanced functions.

Ergonomics, style, materials have to integrate all what we expect to have onboard.

Apps, active safety functions, integration with mobile, monitors, tactile surfaces have shaped the most recent environments and will continue in the future.

Designers have to balance all this with engineering, production and homologation constraints.

International designers exchange experiences and expertise, bringing innovative ideas and iconic solutions; multidisciplinary approach looks at excellence.​

The customer is completely involved in the process as the center of it.

The close cooperation with the team and a constant exchange grants that the original spirit and soul of the project are respected and exhalted.​

Do you want to be part of the innovation?