Italdesign always invested in the latest techonology available: virtual validation was started over 30 years ago and has been developed and updated ever since.


Shorter and shorter development times require to make an extensive and methodological use of virtual validation in order to save time-to-market and money.

Simulation results for each components and subsystems, as well for the whole vehicle, support CAD data release in every project phase. 

Quick integration of results between CAD and CAE define countermeasures in “real-time, results reliability, methodology, refinement”.

Key factors such as a constant alignment with a CAD-CAE integrated PDM system, quick integration of CAD & CAE results to define “real-time” countermeasures; continuous methodology refinement to get to reliable results.

Strictly-knit collaboration of simulation team and performance engineers ensures highly predictive virtual models and constant reduction in the number of objects to be tested are mandatory for a profitable process.

+30 year experience in correlation between numerical and testing results has generated a strong experience.

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