Thanks to the evolution of electronic technologies, in the early 1990s Italdesign was the world’s first service company and independent styling and development studio to build a Virtual Reality Center and offer creative and styling services using virtual reality on a 1:1 scale. Today, there are two Virtual Reality Centers set-up in-house.

Virtual Reality Center

The first Virtual Reality Center, completed in 1999, is now equipped with Barco SIM7 digital projectors with a total resolution of 3682 x 1536 pixels and latest generation workstations.

The Virtual Reality Centers allow complete aesthetic research projects to be developed and the results presented to the customer in just a few weeks.

The results achieved in this way provide customers with evaluation criteria similar to those offered by a view of a three dimensional model, even broader in some respect.

Simplified system management allows each working group participant – designer or stylist – supported by specific IT expertise, to work on the object projected. It is hence possible to comment on, manipulate, magnify, reduce, rotate, or modify views, change surfaces coloring, setting and finishing.

Technologists can visually assess the engineering development results as the styling evolution is ongoing, making their own contributions at a planning stage, well in advance of actual model construction.

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