Italdesign can support the customer from the concept definition, to the start of production: completeness is the strength

Vehicle development is among Italdesign heritage pillars: the perfect ground for new, innovative products

The starting point is the product description analysis and definition of all expected vehicle functions and performances. The platform definition is the next key step in order to have the right base to develop the whole vehicle.

The Engineering Team works simultaneously with the Styling Department to ensure the perfect synergy between creativity and functionality. As soon as the first sketches are created from scratch, the development team brings styling surfaces to technical feasibility and coherence.

Hardware and software development is performed from the concept phase and along the whole project, till the vehicle start of production, ensuring the required functional integration, as well as geometrical and manufacturing integration for hardware systems and parts.

The extensive use of Virtual and Augmented Reality, virtual validation, immersive experiences and the latest artificial intelligence techniques allow Italdesign to fulfil project targets in optimized timeframe and with lean/efficient approach. Italdesign can support the full development at its premises, with dedicated professionals and restricted areas.

When physical tests are required, Italdesign takes care of test campaign definition, preparation, follow-up and test execution, on bench, in internal and external labs, in test tracks and on the road.

In Italdesign, designers approach design from a functional standpoint, by creating shapes and volumes that meet the technical requirements of production, as well as those of die forming and assembly methods, materials, weights and costs. Any aesthetic solution is also implicitly a technical and engineering solution, with the real objective being to design a vehicle that can be easily mass-produced.

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In 1968, the words “concurrent engineering”, “time-to-market” and “design-to-cost” had yet to be spoken, but Italdesign already put them into practice: every department working in parallel and together so to offer the most efficient solutions matching their needs and the most suitable process to reduce lead times and costs.

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