Functionally oriented and futuristically inspired: designing today the architecture for tomorrow.​


Starting from the initial modelling phase, the department leads the entire architecture development process.

Provided the customer requirements, the logical-functional components are modelled and implemented; from the early phase, the relations among system components are built, aimed at making the whole system fully predictable and robust: the FUSE methodology (Functional Orientation and System Engineering) is applied.

The architectural model allows the creation of the development template, in order to support the component software development, by SOA paradigm (Service Oriented Architecture).

The team supports the development and maintenance of the vehicle network architecture as a derivative from the vehicle architecture model, which is used as baseline. ​ 

Due to the complexity and richness of software components, a multidisciplinary approach is required to explore and take advantage of the new automotive trends (Autonomous driving, Connected vehicles, E-traction…). 

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