ADAS team in Italdesign: Innovation, robustness, completeness, multidisciplinary.


A dedicated team supports all the activities related to Autonomous Driving, from concept to pre-series, level 4 and 5.

Italdesign works with ADAS & Autonomous Driving, from Concept and Requirements to Testing and Validation, with a dedicated team.

Starting from the customer inputs, the most suitable use cases are identified, logical models and algorithms are defined and the source code is implemented, in order to achieve the complete system development.

Italdesign ADAS Team is specialized in the development of system and functions, including activities such as: specification requirements, managing change requests, Tier 1 Supplier Steering, definition of performance specification, function application, testing and validation.

The high competence in sensors and functions allows to focus on the most up-to-date technologies for Lidar, Radar (long-medium range), nanoRadar, ultrasonics and HD Cameras.

Italdesign Autonomous Driving Team daily works to develop a self driving system (SDS), including complete design of the following items: use cases, perception, data fusion, machine learning, motion control and control dynamics for automotive and non-automotive fields.

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