Italdesign conceives showcars as fully performing Labs on wheels, where different kinds of solutions and ideas are implemented and tested to possibly reach production.


Since the very first 1968 showcar Bizzarrini Manta, built in only 40 days, Italdesign has developed an extensive experience in this field. ​

In five decades, cars and showcars, have dramatically changed and more and more challenging to design and build. ​

Italdesign has been constantly investing in R&D, design research, cutting-edge technology in order to offer its customers innovative and groundbreaking ideas.​

Italdesign has built about 200 showcars, working with manufacturers the world over. ​

Designing a showcar for an OEM means to be able to interpret the brand identity, look and feel and design language and combining them into a brand new ‘development accelerator’.​

In recent years, Italdesign has been asked to design showcars aiming to launch new car brands or companies.​

As society, needs, technology, along with the vision of future mobility, evolve, so showcars do. In 2017 and 2018 Italdesign introduced Pop.Up and Pop.Up Next, two showcars to explore future mobility for megacities in 2050.

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