The Concept Lab is a multidisciplinary environment where analysis and studies are conducted focusing on the relationship between humans and vehicles.


Italdesign has patented a method and equipment that allow, through interaction with an immersive virtual environment, simulation of the real conditions of use and the arrangement of the physical elements of a passenger compartment, including for testing purposes.

Interior layouts and rear compartments can be defined, developed and tested thanks to a self-adjusting seating buck, able to represent all possible configurations available nowadays, as well as future layouts related to autonomous driving.

Ergonomic validation through Virtual Reality tools allows the reduction of development time and costs, minimizing the need for physical objects.

The user can be connected using multiple wearable sensors (Motion Capture), enabling analysis of the User Experience (UX) and the experience of using graphical interfaces (HMI).

Physical elements such as seats, steering wheel, foot pedals, roof, doors and armrest can be moved and positioned in line with pre-programmed reference points according to type-approval criteria.

Realistic Color&Trim and the new integration of tracking system guarantee an even more immersive User Experience.

Thanks to these technologies the interaction with the realtime virtual session is even more precise and technical analysis feedbacks are highly reliable.

The softwares used for the development of the analysis process also allow the sharing of realtime immersive virtual sessions in different locations, which contributes to the reduction of development time and costs.

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