Some say we are at the eve of a revolution in the mobility society.

Starting from human being, Italdesign aims at re-engineering cities, becoming service provider for smart solutions.

Looking at immediate and distant future, Italdesign is working intensively to deliver innovation and to train Pilot Project in tight and active collaboration with cities worldwide.

Italdesign is part of the City of Turin Lab for Autonomous and Connected Driving in Urban Environment for the ideation, creation and realization of Smart Roads.


City landscape are changing to adapt to future needs and mobility. Electric cars are becoming more and more popular and present in cities all around the world. This means new infrastructure both for private and public environments must be designed.

Mobility System & Traffic Flow Design

Public means of transportation must to evolve as well. In 2018 Italdesign open a new department to study and design future solutions to ease and improve passengers' experience onboard.

Jacopo Longobardi

Business Development | Strategic Marketing