With over 50 years’ experience in the automotive sector, Italdesign is one of the top-rated design companies in the world able to turn its Intellectual Property Portfolio into marketable products

Over the years Italdesign has developed a wealth of patents, a result of its acclaimed design expertise and know-how, classic cutting-edge solutions acknowledged and adopted by designers and car makers worldwide. An asset giving the company a competitive edge in today’s marketplace.

Among its many forefront technological outputs, Italdesign’s new endeavours include research within the smart and green mobility area, aimed at enhancing both the public transport travellers’ experience and autonomous driving roadworthy vehicles-

Recent substantial investments in research have contributed to ranking the company among the TOP 10 virtuous companies in Italy boasting the greatest number of International patent publications (PCT) in transportation (year 2021) and to including it in the China Automobile IP Exchange Platform.

Since it was propelled under the international limelight in 1968, Italdesign has built an Intellectual Property Rights Portfolio which now comprises over 52 families of Brands (n.258 Dossiers), 34 Patent families (n.155 Dossiers) and 36 Design Patents (n.60 Dossiers).

The company’s Intellectual Property Portfolio is available to share research results and technologies and can turn into sellable products. As a formal channel of Technology Transfer, the company collaborates with universities and research institutions through Technology Transfer Agreements.

The protection of IP rights enables all parties to ensure ownership of the scientific outcomes of their intellectual activity; to control the use of IPR in accordance with their mission and core values; to market their inventions; to attract fundings; to search for industrial partners; to convey results from scientific and technological research to the market place and to wider society, through licensing or creation of start-ups for the benefit of society.

Italdesign IPR Team can support a value creation process for a single patent by raising its level of technological maturity / Technology Readiness Level (TRL) through Proof of Concept activity.

The Team can also support customers by providing the technical material necessary for filing new Patents or new registrations (Design and Trademark), usually managed by external patent attorneys.