Italdesign Industrial Design division boasts a great depth of knowldge in various fields thanks to its +40 years of experience working with both domestic and international companies.

The Industrial Design Division was established in 1981 within Italdesign. Building on its lengthy experience in Italdesign since the 1970s, the Division has grown steadily over the years, thanks to its team of designers and professionals, showing a focus on trends and expectations in international markets that has made the division renowned for its functional design.

Fashion and Luxury Goods

The first collaboration with a watch manufacturer dates back to 1982 when Italdesign designed Seiko's Speedmaster collection. Since then many more fashion and luxury goods companies asked for our contribution to their projects.

Lifestyle Products

The way we approach lifestyle products includes a humble attitude towards our clients, willing to understand their motivations and key values, to comment together and deepen their briefs; honest, good, sensible and consistent design solutions focusing on User Experience, functionality and feasibility to shape products along with aesthetics.

Medical & Wellness

The eclecticism of Italdesign Industrial Division has led over the years to designing with innovative criteria wellness and medical instruments. Here, products turn into aesthetic and holistic experiences, with a view to functionality ergonomics and ease of use, featuring a distinctive design.

Professional Equipments

Can a professional equipment become a design icon? Sometimes it happens: in 1991 a complete dental system was awarded the Compasso d'Oro for its astonishing design. This tradition lives on.

Fiorenzo Piracci

Business Development | Industrial Design