After 5 years Giugiaro Design presents its reinterpretation of its idea of modern kitchen, it’s FluxSwing, made in collaboration with Scavolini.

The new elements’ extreme purity of form underlines FluxSwing‘s exceptionally modern, sophisticated design. A programme that combines technology, innovative style, ergonomics, flexibility and multifunctionality.

A perfect example of Italian expertise, it combines the outstanding creativity of Giugiaro Design with the vast experience of Scavolini, industry leader since 1984.

The result is a fine blend of beauty and practicality, with an excellent balance of components, volumes, proportions, forms and finishes for an exclusive furnishing collection designed with a contemporary rhythmic alternation. A kitchen with a strong identity centred on geometric flexibility, achieved through perfect combinations of straight and curved lines, springing from an exclusive creativity which never forgets the functional side and the needs of everyday use.

In fact, one important prerogative of Flux Swing lies in the highly practical elements such as the base units with basket with steel and glass sides, the steel wall cladding with magnetic accessories, and the lighting system for base units and baskets.



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