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Concept cars, mules, testing objects, prototypes, series production are all developed here

Italdesign Production Centre builds models, running mule cars and prototypes with ultra-high precision for the validation of all design and engineering parameters.

Testing activities validate the engineering through the physical objects produced by the Production Center, confirm the target fulfilment and optimize the product for tool release.

The Production Centre uses the best available technologies for the sheet metal parts and Bodies in White (BIW) production: 

9 presses; 4 laser cutting robot stations; 9 robots for the production of body parts and subassemblies; 13 measuring and scanning systems for quality control; 2 BIW welding lines equipped with 4 Geo Boxes; 50 spot welding adaptive guns and 15 CO2 MIG/MAG welding stations; 14 numerically controlled milling machines.​

Italdesign is able to produce up to 12 Bodies In White per week.​ Special equipment for final assembly can guarantee the production of more than 15 running prototype cars per week, including vehicles with composite bodies and BEV technologies. ​

Constantly committed to innovation, the Production Centre also develops vehicles for ultra limited production and running showcars with exclusive features. ​

The best technical solutions fulfilling all the requirements involved in development are here identified: the goal is to strike the best balance between technical and technological constraints, ergonomics, performance and costs. This process results in the creation of a first virtual concept car.

Italdesign supports its customers in creating their concept cars, using either conventional or alternative platforms, or developing new car architectures to suit their needs.

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