Italdesign and Faema cooperate to re-design the barista’s timeless icon: President

Faema President marks the reinterpretation of a true ‘60s icon: a unique style and innovative features, enhanced by a wide range of options that can meet every customer need, as well as the best ergonomics and customization possibilities.

Faema President profile

    • Top-notch user experience: the ergonomic filter holders, the basin with an adjustable height and customizable settings, with a group or three-button touchscreen, are just some of the features of the new President, which is designed to simplify the coffee specialist’s work and to improve their performance.
    • One machine, two thermal systems: the traditional thermic version and GTI version with heat-controlled, independent groups to manage and respect temperatures and infusion times suitable for every type of coffee;
    • Style & design: a minimal, essential design with a distinctly industrial look. Vintage and modern therefore continue to coexist, both in the thermic version, which is dominated by steel and black matte, and in the GTI version, in which satin and chrome-plated steel alternate with a pewter finish with wooden details;
    • Custom & unique style: while in the thermic version it is possible to customize the base and all the bodywork thanks to the easy-to-remove system, for the GTI version it is possible to customize the rear panel by playing with many different materials and graphics, giving your own machine a truly original and unique touch;


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