The Touareg, inspired by desert was the ideal vehicle to get you to your own oasis, even after sunset.

Inspired by a trip to the Libyan desert, the Touareg was a vehicle that satisfied all the basic functions of an automobile in an essential package from which all superfluous elements had been stripped.

Starting from an off-road concept, a chassis was created that incorporated the engine and a 4 wheel drive mechanical configuration. This led to the development of a tubular steel structure and hi-tech joints designed to create a protective cell for driver and passengers.

The various body panels (in steel mesh, perforated aluminium, plastic or glass, according to the use of the vehicle) could be fastened to the chassis by means of ordinary bolts.

The engine was fitted with an ordinary carburettor and instead of sophisticated electronic systems it featured ordinary wiring that was easier to repair in the event of critical environmental conditions.

Since it did not have a conventional body, the Touareg did not have any interior temperature heating or air conditioning systems. A roof designed to protect against the sun aided air recirculation while a  bonnet perforated on one side not only helped with the cooling but also revealed a classic 6 litre, 8 cylinder, 250 hp GM engine.

The innovative lighting system was based on a single type of lamp adopted for front, rear (painted red) and additional lighting, fitted on a roll bar.



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