Developed on the same chassis of three box berline Marlin, the research for space-wagon cars goes on.

Together is similar to New York Taxi, Megagamma, Capsula. Tall and multifunctional vehicle with a research that brought to the realization of series cars like Fiat Uno and Panda.

Together is, as a matter of fact, "1 box and a half", small total dimensions, 4 meters length and 1790 mm width. Internal compartment is bigger than Marlin one, rudder pedals is higher and in an advanced position; the distance between the foot-brake pedal and back seat is 2200mm, 170 more compared to the  Marlin.

Large glass surfaces runs all around the car that has a configuration of two or three seats row. Inside the wheelbase there is a bended seat for two people, that can be used pushing ahead second row seat. Front seats can be completely rotated, and they permit a frontal disposition in comparison of three back seats.



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