Inspired, as the name suggests, by tapering shapes of oceanic swordfish, it’s a three box sedan, five doors and great habitability.

At the 1984 Turin Motor show Italdesign propose two different architectural solutions for berline and space-wagon, with Merlin and Together, using the same chassis, Orca’s one.

Marlin complete length is the same of the Lancia Thema and Saab (4600 mm) but the bodywork is really more tapered to reach a 0,21 cx, thanks to the large front, deceiving windscreen and rear window, total doors, continuous section between glasses and side of the car.

The roof is glassed, and with lateral windows, makes a transparent dome that allows a 360° visibility from the inside. The steering wheel is similar to Medusa and Orca’s one, with central controls, while the equipment is both analogical and digital.



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