ATR and Giugiaro Design have worked closely together to create an ultra modern, appealing and comfortable cabin. The name ARMONIA is linked to beauty, harmony, balance and calm.

The ATR ‘-600 series‘ has the widest cabin in the regional aircraft market. ARMONIA‘s attractively and cleanly styled seats, ceiling, side panels and overhead bins make the cabin more spacious, airy and comfortable. ARMONIA also uses lightweight materials, reducing its total weight by the equivalent of two passengers.

Features and benefits of ATR’s ‘-600 series’ ARMONIA cabin include:

  • New wider, lightweight seats ergonomically designed to ensure greater knee clearance, an enhanced sense of space and increased under-seat capacity.
  • 10 % more cabin storage space and 30% more carry-on capacity – up to 70% of passengers will be able to store their roller bags overhead.
  • LED lighting – creating a warmer and more welcoming environment, while improving energy efficiency and weighing less than other lighting systems.
  • Optional two-class configuration – with first class offering wider seats (in 2+1 seats basic configuration), more space, windows for each row, and large armrest tables.
  • Optional jetway-capable forward door – with a new designed spacious entrance area


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