The new bidirectional streetcars that will begin operating on Rome’s streets in 2025 embody the essence of functional design that the creative work team at Italdesign has always methodically applied to its projects. The new vehicles will offer both a distinctive design and a premium, comfortable, safe and environmentally friendly travel experience.

Every aspect of the vehicle’s interior and exterior design were inspired by Rome’s rich heritage and cultural appeal.

The extra-large glazed surfaces that characterize the cab serve as the very essence of the streetcar, imbuing it with distinct identity and character and making it recognizable and unique. At the same time, they provide an expansive view of the surroundings, which is vital for passenger safety.

Large, glazed surfaces were also used for the sides for smooth connectivity between the inside and exterior spaces.

Practical aesthetic solutions for the evening to go along with the flow of passengers in and out were considered and special attention was given to the accessibility of people with disabilities, adopting design solutions and modern equipment that ensure everyone has a comfortable and inclusive travel experience.

The new fleet’s livery, designed for upcoming and existing routes, evokes the Pompeian red symbolizing Rome’s heritage and its ATAC Public Transport and Mobility Service. The unique visual branding ensures the streetcar commands attention and captivates onlookers, effortlessly merging Rome’s eternal elegance with the modern charisma of a personality-driven vehicle.


The cab of the streetcar is a discreet allusion to the legendary gladiator and his helmet, which provided protection without obstructing vision and was a symbol of identity and pride.



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