The open-topped version of the Nazca C2 designed for leisure use, introduced at the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Montecarlo

The 61st Montecarlo Grand Prix opened with a procession of BMW Nazca C2 Spider cars over the town circuit during the intercourses.

This was an unusual setting for launching a new prototype but an ideal location to emphasise its performance and sporty nature to the full

The 1991 Nazca C2 was converted to an open-topped Spider by restyling the rear end. The side and rear windows were removed, making this an open-topped car. If it rained, they could nevertheless be quickly refitted because they were housed in the very generous luggage compartment.

A sturdy car-coloured roll-bar with rear compartment; the engine compartment, exposed with the engine in view, was redesigned to emphasise the highly characteristic design of the BMW 12 cylinder engine.

The Nazca C2 Spider was fitted with a more powerful engine than the C2: a BMW 12 cylinder unit offering 5660 cc and 380 hp, the same one developed for the BMW 850 CSi. The high power required the adoption of a sturdy 6-speed gearbox.



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