In July 2001 Italdesign Industrial Division and Alenia Spazio cooperated to design the ISS (International Space Station) Italian Habitation Module.

As a result of adopting pleasing and pastel surfacing finishes in a design to put in place a soft, albeit fully compliant, atmosphere, the module’s “living quarters” were differentiated by the general effect pushed through by technological paneling (racks, electronic equipment display panels…).

Community living-quarters and conversation space were extracted by pulling down an in-built partition surface plane. Around the island-shapedtable” thus extracted, the astronauts can remain “seated” anchoring their feet to a rod placed below; set within the community living quarters is a porthole where some of the best views of Earth will be. Applied to some partitions are boiserie endowing, as such, a much “warmer” tone than metal and plastic.

Containing the “comforts” of home are separate living-quarters reserved” for sleeping, listening to music, surfing the Web and communicating with the family back home. These are ‘fenced‘ by differing colors, thereby personalizing the relax areas used by four astronauts on a shift basis.



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