Italdesign’s ideneers meet Peyrano Torino, masters of artisan chocolate since 1915, and together celebrate their innovative spirit and dedication to excellence with AUREA by Italdesign packaging for the new Peyrano assortment.

Drawing inspiration from the golden ratio’s timeless beauty, AUREA represents a fusion of art, science, and gourmet delight, encapsulating the essence of perfection in both design and taste.

Crafted with the environment in mind, AUREA’s packaging is a testament to sustainability, utilizing plastic-free, FSC-certified materials that come in two different sizes: 150x99x30 mm and 257x165x30 mm.

Inside, a journey of flavours awaits, with chocolates meticulously arranged to offer an ascending experience of taste, guided by the golden spiral. From traditional hand-spread chocolate bars to exquisite, salted caramel pralines and the vibrant ‘Vetta’, each piece is a gem, presented in an elegant showcase that enhances the sensory experience.

Prepare to immerse yourself in a chocolate experience where design and flavour live together, creating moments of pure sweetness.



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