A unique design with the diagonal that overgoes the fork are the main distinctive features of this Japanese bike starring in Roger Corman’s Frankenstein Unbound.

The bolt-on simplicity of the Blouson chassis, the unisex bicycle styled for the Japanese enterprise Bridgestone, overthrows the design of a traditional bicycle in which the front fork acts as a pivot to the handle-bar riser.

Here the cross-arm’s uninterrupted line stretches beyond the clutch to refold backward t the cyclist. As a consequence, pedalling becomes easier, knee-room becomes more spacious, baggage can be packed away more easily and, seating a child, if any, becomes roomier. The Blouson also features a brake-drum system and anti-slip pedals.

1988 Italdesign showcar Aztec‘s futuristic shape persuaded director Roger Corman to choose the car to star in a science-fiction horror film set in the Los Angeles of 2031, Frankenstein Unbound (1990).

But another Trivia is hidden in the Frankenstein Unbound clip you can see here: the bycicle the kids are burying at the end of the clip is actually the Bridgestone Bluson.



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