Quintessenza is the embodiment of the relationship between humans and nature in its many forms.

The design philosophy of Quintessenza is rooted in a human-centric approach: the project revolves around humans as the central figures, serving as both creators and users. As creators, humans are responsible for the show car’s design, development and construction. As users, they utilize the Quintessenza to connect with the various elements of nature: water, earth, fire and air. In this conceptual yet very tangible journey, humans emerge as the stars of their own world and determine how to interact with it.

It has two souls, as it embodies both the dynamic prowess of a GT and the versatile adaptability of a pick-up truck, establishing the foundation for a potential groundbreaking architectural concept that has yet to be witnessed in the global automotive industry.

The front takes the sporty approach of an Italian GT supercar while also providing ample seating for 4 passengers. Its lines are muscular, yet tight and fluid at the same time. The rear design expresses functionality and usability, features commonly found in pick-up trucks and off-road vehicles. A defining feature of the front of the vehicle is its bar headlight assembly incorporating both horizontal and vertical headlight arrangement and DRL function.

Vertical welcome lights can also be seen on the front trunk lid. Together as a whole, they allude to the four natural elements, with the Italdesign logo illuminated at the center as a fifth visual element. On the top part, a large glazed surface made of light sensitive glass adds a distinctive aesthetic to the Quintessenza. It extends from the windshield to the rear hard top and creates the impression of being immersed in the scenery, also thanks to the backward position of the front cross member.

The rear of the car has a large electrically-powered tailgate hinged to the base of the bumper, giving easy access to the load bed and to the two back seats, which can be rotated 180 degrees to provide rear-facing panoramic view for a premium “stargazing” experience and feeling of connection with nature and the outside world.

The theme of the four elements found on the front (with the fifth element—the Italdesign logo—in the center) is also referenced in the rear of the vehicle. In fact, a large lightbar extends across the width of the car’s rear, taking inspiration from the vertical bars on the Italdesign logo.

The interior is defined by simple lines and clean surfaces. Similar to the exterior, the design is driven by a human-centric approach, usability, maximized efficiency, and the “never lost” concept, so that you always have a clear indication of where you are headed in any driving circumstance.

The vehicle interface system is found on the top part of the steering column. Numerous smartphone models can be placed horizontally in this dock, serving as the driver’s interface and displaying standard dashboard information like driving mode, speed, turn signals, battery level, date, and time, among other indicators about how the car is operating.

The driver can customize this information through the smartphone settings. Depending on whose smartphone you install on the Quintessenza, the customization options are virtually endless.

Nearly all on-board features can be customized by users via their smartphones. The Quintessenza is updated with the driver’s specific driving and usage preferences once the smartphone is linked to the car.

A large and dynamic console occupies the central part of the cabin, joining the four seats. Innovative haptic technology embedded in the upholstery integrates a number of vehicle controls into the front area of the console. These consist of the infotainment system’s volume control as well as a few other controls inside the car, such as the ones that govern the sensory experience and the various interior lighting settings. A large conventional organizer and a refrigerated compartment with enough room for a bottle of wine and two glasses are located on the back of the console.

The two back seats are one of the main concept features of the Quintessenza. Thanks to their sporty symmetrical design on the longitudinal axis, they can be electrically and independently folded toward the back of the vehicle to allow passengers to fully enjoy the natural surroundings during a stop on a road trip in nature. With the hard top off and the back seats turned, travelers can create an open-air stargazing or camping experience.

Drawing inspiration from the “never lost” concept, the UX-UI concept in the Quintessenza enables seamless integration of its occupants with the external environment. This means the driver has control over the operation of the vehicle at all times, including—and this is crucial—the navigation system. A concept that essentially envelops passengers with a continuous projection that starts at the dashboard’s central panel and extends to the side panels and the rear compartment keeps them informed about the location of the vehicle and its destination.

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