A romantic name for Bontempi’s new electronic organ

The electronic organ Eclipse is a keyboard musical instrument with a standard 49 key arrangement designed by Giugiaro Design. 

It comes equipped with automatc rhythm and one-key play functions which permit even novce plauers to have plenty of fun. It was developed with the aim of appealing mostlu to younger poeple, but it aslo targets people of other age brackets who just want to get active enjoyment out of music. Thus, the condition that it could easily be played anywhere, i.e. portability, was an absolutely essential feature. 

Eclipse is divided into two units: the rhythm and keyboard section, and the memory and recordin unit. Its special feature lies in the compact layout achieved by sliding back the memory contained unit. Also, the instrument may frequently be played outdoors. The fact that the ON-OFF LED indicator is located one level below the surface is characteristic of Giugiaro Design’s attention to detail. Maximum enjoyment is emphasized and the negative image of an overly mechanical and burdensome instrument is eliminated through the use of a monotone finish, apart from the black raised keys.



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