Juventus F.C. new home was styled by Giugiaro Design, involved in defining the external lines of the new stadium and the commercial area.

With the Juventus Stadium, Giugiaro Design developed not only a building, but rather a more extensive urban area.

The project began with two elements that exemplify the spirit of the new stadium, aiming for innovation deeply-rooted in tradition.

The characteristic structural features of the Stadio delle Alpi made famous during the 1990 World Cup adventure subsequently served as a backdrop for more recent Juventus history and successes, and are now evoked in the new flagpoles. The general layout and imposing architecture of the Stadio delle Alpi has been preserved, but reinterpreted and updated.

The innovation lies in the covering of the stadium, which is replicated in all the surrounding structures to emphasize the cohesiveness and continuity of the entire urban area.



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