Hongqi HS5 symbolizes a trendy and unique appearance, a blend of design, comfort, technology and convenience.

Designed by Italdesign, responsible for both interiors and exteriors, Red Flag (Hongqi) HS5 maximizes the user’s safety through a range of active and passive safety technologies and brings Hongqi brand’s exclusive scene and honorable experience.

The HS5 maintains Hongqi family’s classic design language. At the front face, a waterfall grille edged by a U-shaped LED light bar is extremely unmistakable. There is also the distinctive slender red trim, replacing the classic red flag on bonnet, stretches from the grille to the bonnet.

Inside, the Hongqi HS5 is equipped with a full liquid crystal instrument panel and a 12.3-inch floating console liquid crystal display. In addition, the HS5 also boasts 253-coloured atmosphere lamps, Bose12 audio system, heated steering wheel, prime NAPPA leather seats and seat head rest pillows, and intelligent clean cockpit system.

Honqgi HS5 also equipped with a number of intelligent features, such as Hongqi intelligent driving system HD2.5, intelligent cockpit HC2.0 system, interactive voice system and Over-the-Air Technology. Moreover, the Hongqi HS5 also provides what is needed to simplify and bring joy to users. For example: through a smart phone, drivers can remote control their cars to secure parking, display online music, control smart home devices, and so on.

Honqgi HS5 is developed based on the latest C-NCAP standard. It maximizes occupants safety through a range of active and passive safety technologies.



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