Cx and compartment are the aims to reach to develop the project of the Orca, based on Lancia Delta 4×4 Turbo engine and platform.

Orca is a project for a two volumes berline with four doors and four seats that combines aerodynamics and habitability.

Once again the two years before project, the Medusa, is the inspiration for this design, even though the mechanical scheme is completely different: transversal front engine and four wheel drive that can be disconnected.

Orca is the right balance between aerodynamic performances and internal habitability on a mechanic architecture that does not allow a low and outlined front hood used for the Medusa. Habitability is excellent: his length is like the one of Audi 80, and it has an internal  room of more than 170 mm.

The mechanic is the one of the Lancia Delta  4 x  4 Turbo with a 1600 cc and 140 cv engine. Controls are located on the steering wheel, like the Medusa, but here they can be operated with ultrasound impulses, and they are fixed, they do not move with the steering wheel, facilitating its use during the drive.


A light, located on the front of the Orca, brightens when the driver activates the brakes: the cars that come before or pedestrian are able to know that the car is really slowing down.



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