Inspired by 1974 ford Maya, is a five doors little berline with sport and aerodynamic lines, that could be considered a four seats Coupé.

Oldsmobile Incas general architecture is similar to the Medusa (1980) ,a five doors little berline, four seats with a central engine.
Nevertheless Incas, thanks to its opening doors system (front doors with a mobile dome just like the Quaranta, and seagull wind opening rear doors) and to its strong sport image, it is an exotic car, a four seats Coupé.

Anyway it keeps the comfort of a berline, the distance between foot-brake pedal and back seats is the same of Lancia Thema.

Internal compartment is really comfortable, instead of seats there are real armchairs.
The steering wheel is inspired by an aeronautic cloche and also to some Japanese (Mazda) marketing researches where it comes out that new generation car buyers, grown up with videogame, prefers the cloche instead of  traditional steering wheel.

Cloche requires only a 90° steering corner for each side, in right side there are gear controls, air-conditioner and, windscreen wiper. In the left side there are lights, direction indicators stereo and cruise control. The horn in on both sides.

Into this car there are many technical and stylistic solutions that we can find also in other prototypes before created and modified just like the Testudo dome, Tapiro‘s doors, Boomerang windows and Etna glassed roof.



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