To celebrate the 25th anniversay of its foundation, Italian association Telefono Azzurro asked Giugiaro Design to reinterpret its original logo, designed in 1989.

The first collaboration between Giugiaro Design and Telefono Azzurro (an Italian non-profit organization for children protection founded in Bologna in 1987) dates back to 1989, when the first logo was designed. The 1989 logo presented the three ideograms used in the lower part of a common telephone keyboard, focusing on the help service the association offered and which debuted in those years with a dedicated phone line.

This new logo uses the same font and colors of the 1989 one but, at the same time, presents some new graphic elements. The stylized figures of the adult and the child, to simbolize the support activities, attention and protection to the little ones Telefono Azzurro has been offering for the last 25 years, dominate the central part of the logo. The claim “25 anni dalla parte dei BAMBINI” (25 on CHILDREN’s side) is on top; “children” is written in capital letters to remark the centrality children and teenagers have in Telefono Azzurro‘s activities.



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