The new Vredestein Ultrac Pro ultra-ultra-high-performance (UUHP) tyre was created by Italdesign to mark twenty-five years of collaboration with Vredestein.

The look of the asymmetrical sidewall of Ultrac Pro draws inspiration from the visual elegance of chronometers and premium timepieces. Its visual character is evocative of a watch-face, with a sequence of lines around the circumference that echo second and minute markers. On one portion of the sidewall, that theme is given a modern twist through a sequence of numbers suggestive of a stopwatch or digital timepiece.

The new Ultrac Pro encapsulates the essence of timeless style and elegance, making it the perfect choice for drivers who demand nothing but the best for their vehicles, delivers uncompromising performance and reliability on the road and represents the fusion of precision engineering and cutting-edge technology.

The Ultrac Pro is available in sizes up to 24 inches, suitable for a very wide range of supercars, sports cars and performance-flagship saloons and SUVs.

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