The Elsag Datamat digital terrestrial decoder.

This is a high profile project due to the intrinsically innovative characteristics of the product and thanks to the new synergies resulting from the collaboration with Elsag Datamat.

From a technical point of view, the decoder will allow access to television programs in high-resolution through a normal television. The remote control provided will be used to interact with a browser for visiting Internet sites from the comfort of the user’s living room sofa.

Furthermore, the new Elsag Datamat decoder will be equipped with universal USB ports that will allow it to be connected to any electronic device in the house: a digital camera, video camera, hard-disk, or pen drive. In this way, the user can set up his own cutting-edge multimedia centre capable of integrating the MHP interaction standard with the HDMI high-resolution system. In the future, a simple smart-card reader will allow access to all types of telematic services.

The design, which Giugiaro Design proposed in two versions, fulfils Elsag Datamat‘s demands for a highly distinctive and high impact product. For a technological firm, this is an investment in design that will contribute to positioning the decoder in the high end market. For Elsag Datamat the digital decoder constitutes an important challenge in a highly competitive and innovative market.



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