Italdesign’s Design team took on the role of exhibition designers for SipaBoards, the creators of the world’s first self-inflating electric-powered SUP board.

The collaboration aimed to craft a booth for the Düsseldorf Boat Show 2024 that would embody SipaBoards’ brand identity and effectively communicate their fusion of technology, luxury, and sportsmanship.

By analyzing visitor traffic flows and aligning with SipaBoards’ aesthetics, the team crafted a visually engaging space. Integrated areas for product display, information, and interaction were featured, enhancing visitor experience. A distinctive elevated structure showcased the innovative features of the SUP board, emphasizing SipaBoards’ commitment to innovation.

This design choice aimed to set SipaBoards apart in the competitive exhibition environment, highlighting their unique selling points. The booth’s materials and layout were carefully chosen to evoke the calm waters of SUP, reinforcing the brand’s association with watersports. Overall, the collaboration aimed to leave a lasting impression on visitors and pave the way for future partnerships.



  • Mobility & Urban Design
  • Product