Ultra Forza, a new range of aluminium containers; it guarantees a sturdier, more resistant tray, made using the same quantity of aluminium.

Giugiaro Design has carried out meticulous research and testing on the conduct and stress resistance of aluminium in order to re-design these trays, which are part of the product category that has always been historically led by Cuki in the Italian market.

The new trays present notable improvements in terms of functionality and resistance, with a new reinforced structure that maximises the characteristics which provide sturdiness, and increases stress resistance by 20% compared with that of previous models – all with the same quantity of aluminium.

The Ultra Forza range offers increased practicality and versatility of use, with ergonomic handles that increase resistance to bending, and reinforced corners which provide a sturdier, more stable tray. The performance level has been improved by the introduction of a frame that makes the tray more non-stick and allows the heat to be distributed more effectively, especially useful in crucial phases such as placing foods in and taking them out of the oven.



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