The second edition of Anfia Next Mobility Hackathon is underway. It’s open to students from all over the world and presents four challenges to work on:
“Data and MaaS”, “Electronic and software solution for autonomous vehicles”, “Design for a new way to live the mobility” and “2050: innovative approach for a new vehicle”.

“As one of the main players in inspiring the future of mobility – stated Giorgio Gamberini, Italdesign Business Development Director – I think it is important to design today and every day to have tomorrow not just simply happen.
At Italdesign, we are therefore more than happy to sponsor the second edition of ANFIA Next Mobility Hackathon and eager to evaluate new projects and ideas for sustainable urban mobility.
ANFIA is the Italian Association of the Automotive Industry since 1912. In 110 years, it has created value for the automotive industry, being actively involved in the most important issues affecting the sector, currently represented by mobility, safety, environment, energy, research and globalization”.

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