Italdesign is Top Employer Italy for the seventh year in a row. Very high ratings were achieved in some key HR themes, in particular Employer Branding and strategy of Talent Acquisition, specific training processes and programs, as well as identification, promotion and sharing of corporate values and of a culture of Ethics and Integrity.

Excellent working conditions, investments in training, professional growth, inclusive culture, respect as a key value, an environment inspired by mutual trust and loyalty and by the richness of diversity: here are the factors making Italdesign a beloved and coveted employer.

“Having motivated colleagues, happy to team up and to share a common mission is essential as it also translates into a competitive advantage – declared Giuseppe Savino, Italdesign Director of Human Resources and Organization – The difficult and challenging years we had to face did put all of us to the test. Our common health and safety were our priority. A continuous flow of health information, adoption of any preventive and safety measures available and provision of a supportive environment and of listening therapies involving specialized professionals were the instruments we put in place, because a company’s people are its greatest asset and they need to be valued and cared of”.