Italdesign has been committed since a while to blending innovation and design into green and sustainable projects and to offering its services to international organizations and new players to explore future scenarios in mobility. ​

​The collaboration of Italdesign with Pix Moving, a company building chassis for self-driving vehicles and developing intelligent mobility and city service, has led to the concept definition of the road-level wheeled robot PIX Ultra-skateboard™, suitable for a wide range of vehicles to create a smart vehicle ecosystem and opened to third-parties as a SaaS platform in the future.​

​ “We have provided our customer with a preliminary concept study on an automotive grade platform for autonomous driven vehicles – stated Fulvio Giuliano in charge of Italdesign Program Management for New Mobility Projects -. We believe the industrial development of this autonomous skateboard can be crucial in the provision of an economically sustainable solution to the increasing demand of autonomous driven vehicles. The flexibility of the solution, to adapt to the largest variety of applications, and the scalability of production volume were the two main features we highlighted in our preliminary concept study, in order to redefine the concept of smart cities and greatly improve quality of life and standards of living.”