Diseño Industrial Italdesign SA, renamed Italdesign Barcelona in April 2010, was set up in Barcelona, Spain, in 1992 with a small number of professionals to daily interact and collaborate real time with SEAT for the provision of a wide range of services. They were concentrated on engineering development at first, and over the years gradually widened to include the construction of models and prototypes, as well as feasibility studies and some creative programs.

After thirty years, Italdesign Barcelona keeps being an agile, flexible and efficient reality of more than 100 professionals working in a plant of 4.000 m2. It maintains its key role in supporting all its established customers in their current and future projects, but the company’s commitment is to push the boundaries of innovation, to further improve the quality of its output and to extend its service portfolio beyond the automotive and rolling stock industries, working in new fields such as UX/HMI, and new mobility solutions. Its main aim is to continue being a valuable asset for the brands and players that have entrusted it with important projects, and for new customers ready to check the company’s capabilities.

Looking at the past, I personally feel very proud states Daniel Agullo, Italdesign Barcelona General Manager My eyes do light up when I am talking about what we have done, but they light up even more when I talk about the present and the future. To say competitive, make the best use our resources and thing out of the box, we have made the decision to invest on the setting up of a Virtual Reality Center inhouse. By combining together virtual reality, augmented reality and very simple, 1:1 physical mock-ups, we can generate a strong sense of reality and offer our customers virtual validation activities. At the same time, we can give them the possibility to enjoy a really drastic reduction of their projects’ development times and costs, since we can change their models directly in the virtual environment before moving on to production. And this contributes towards environmental sustainability, too. Our company keeps growing in terms of capital, people, technology, clients and also in terms of projects we are asked to develop. I am thinking about the much-needed development of a mindset for sustainability and tomorrow’s smart mobility: I believe our expertise and experience can play a role in future scenarios“.