2023 looks set to be a great year and  we are getting prepared to celebrate 55 years of work by laying the foundations of the next 55 and beyond and by reviewing our global positioning as a modern company and a technological hub able to support international customers, both newcomers and traditional OEMs.

Our new brand identity, a modern evolution of the company’s corporate logo, is but the first step of a new phase of growth and transformation that highlights our dynamism, our propensity to change and our future‑oriented approach, which have remained our distinguishing foundation since 1968.

Inspired by our brand history, the new logo uses the 13 vertical lines to represent the date of our company’s establishment on Feb 13, and ‘I’ in the Italdesign logo progressively grows to create a dynamic effect that closes with a ‘D’. This monogram emphasizes concepts of future, movement and evolution.

It will make its official debut at the CES Show in Las Vegas on Jan. 5–8 with a special and innovative urban mobility concept: Climb-E.

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