On June 13, 2023, new appointment with Italdesign Tech Day to promote the skills and the innovative force of the Italian automotive supply chain and give more than 30 enterprises the possibility to present their most innovative projects to some of the brands of the Audi/Volkswagen Group.

Co-planned with ANFIA and in collaboration with Ceipiemonte, during the plenary session, Antonio Casu, Italdesign CEO, Giulia Marcon, Head of the International Promotion Department and Direction for the Coordination of European Policies and Funds – Tourism and Sport Regione Piemonte, Gianmarco Giorda, Managing Director ANFIA, Stefano Nigro, General Manager Ceipiemonte and Rocco Guglielmi, Head of Purchasing Direction Italdesign gave their speeches.

This was followed by 55 b2b-meetings between representatives of the purchasing departments of various brands of the Audi / Volkswagen Group and over 30 companies with recognized expertise in traditional areas, but also active in the most innovative technological domains of the sector.

In 55 years, we’ve been working closely with all the main car manufacturers worldwide, benefiting from the collaboration of many companies part of the Piedmontese and Italian supply chain. We can count on the support of 963 suppliers worldwide and 742 are based in Italy and are real partners. This is because in Italy we have a system of extremely prepared companies“, said Antonio Casu.

Activities like this one are fully part of our mission, having the aim of enhancing and promoting the skills of the Italian automotive supply chain on the most recently developed technological domains, which contribute to defining to a large extent its present and future competitive positioning“, said Gianmarco Giorda.