Innovation has been Italdesign’s fil rouge over the years in whatever internal business unit and activity.

What if the innovation process were capillarized on the company’s employees to foster their entrepreneurial attitude and they were considered as innovation-centric start-ups? That’s exactly the project Italdesign Innovation Team has been working on. ​

We are all potentially entrepreneurs with startup ideas we believe in, we are passionate about and are eager to get from ideation to execution. Italdesign’s 1000 professionals are 1000 entrepreneurs capable of generating new, consistent, solid and potentially useful solutions to problems. Together with the professionals from StartUp Geeks and following their methodology, we’ve involved our colleagues in a mindset and talent engagement program. They are expressing themselves at their utmost level in the challenge we have launched internally. So exciting! We are looking forward to tap into new ideas and speed up their completion. Keep following us!”.

Nikolas Vinci & Elena Negro – Italdesign Innovation Team​