Italdesign has been committed for several years to the project ‘ON-CAR SAFETY YOU LEARN AS A CHILD’, a cycle of workshops that today is part of the educational proposals of  the Turin Car Museum and the Moncalieri Castello Lions Club and that aims to explain to primary school children how essential car safety is.


Children learn very well by observing adults, whether it is virtuous behavior or not:

bringing ROAD AND VEHICLE SAFETY to the center of their training experience, by teaching them the language of the road, made up of signs, lines, symbols, lights and people in uniform and making them understand the importance of safety devices and systems onboard vehicles, is basic knowledge for future responsible adults at the wheel.

Italdesign Passive Safety team works every day to make cars safer, but it is up to each one of us to know and respect the rules of the road.

The earlier we learn them, the better.