Red Flag (Hongqi) HS5, the first B-class luxury SUV of Hongqi brand, designed by Italdesign, was awarded the title of “Top 10 Vehicles 2019” by the 7th Xuanyuan Award on Dec 14 at Beijing Auto Museum.

Italdesign is responsible for the complete design of both interiors and exteriors.

Hongqi HS5 tries to define a sense of luxury that correspond with aesthetic interests of Chinese consumers, demonstrates a balanced product strength, adds rich functional configurations, making outstanding contributions to the overall progress of China’s automotive industry, said the award.

The Xuanyuan Award, established in 2013, is the first business to business award in the Chinese automotive industry – from professional for professionals.

The aim is to make a voice in China’s auto industry model of the year awards and help the auto industry develop in a high-quality, sustainable and competitive way.

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