Designing a territorial platform to facilitate communication between the private and public sectors, making those who are potentially interested in investing on innovation in Turin feel welcome, like the model already in place in cities such as Berlin, Munich and New York: this is the aim of Torino City Lab, a project that wants to turn Turin into a 130 km2 open air lab, with specifically-equipped areas to promote the study, development, experimentation and improvement of the quality of life in the city.  

This all let to today’s ceremony, in the presence of the City Mayor Chiara Appendino and the City Councilor for Innovation and Smart City Paola Pisano, that officially kicked off the project, a second development step of Turin Living Lab that was set up to promote, develop and try out new and innovative solutions in a real-life setting. Now, Torino City Lab wants to turn Turin into a permanent Living Lab involving some of the top names in the industry based in the local area.

“’We strongly believe that the creation of a frame able to bring Institutions and businesses together is an indispensable condition to move research and innovation into applications in real life”, Massimo Martinotti, Head of Project Management and Business Development of Italdesign, said after the launch event in Grattacielo Intesa Sanpaolo. He added, “In our opinion signing the partnership gives to Italdesign the opportunity to offer to the local ecosystem and firms, also in new form of new services or products, the know-how it has accumulated over the last 50 years of activities. So doing, we are contributing to make our City a hub for innovation and smart cities applications. Italdesign will benefit from this City Lab by using the urban envorment as a test field to achieve further progress to develop smart ciy mobility solutions.