Italdesign launches its new brand awareness campaign Be Ideneers, Engineers of ideas, to affirm its own positioning, and chooses lightness, irony and self-irony as key characteristics of the storytelling.

In the upcoming months, a series of retro-futuristic video clips, that look fun, quick, memorable and only seemingly ‘irreverent’ will be published on Italdesign’s official social media channels.
They highlight and individually reinforce the multiple values of the new Italdesign and of its Ideneers.

In black and white and set in a research laboratory, even the sound-design of the videos suggests mystery and discovery.

Key element of the campaign is the egg, unexpected, with its pure shape, resilient and protective, loaded with a strong symbolic meaning.

A curved and perfect line that hides a universal equation, the egg sumps of the form of Italdesign’s contents: that union of design and engineering that started a never-seen-before story that has been regenerating for over fifty-five years.

Created together with Noodles®, an international creative agency, the campaign is ready to be discovered, followed, and commented.

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