Italdesign Industrial Division collaborates with Russian TMH, the 6th leading manufacturer of railway vehicles in the world, to create a DNA design for a new family of railway vehicles, introduced during the inauguration of the National Centre for Industrial Design and Innovations 2050.LAB in Moscow.

“Imagining a whole new DNA design is always a big challenge – Nicola Guelfo, Head of Industrial Design at Italdesign stated – we worked to combine TMH company values with a new, forward-looking design language for both the exterior and the interior. The attention to the details, ergonomics, high-end materials and technologis are the key to this new project”.

Kirill Lipa, CEO of TMH, has underlined in his speech that the company is interested in the new design of its products due to the entry into foreign markets, where the company’s rolling stock shall make a name as stylish and comfortable. “We are making design a part of technology. This approach is the most valuable, since quality design shall be implemented at all stages of production”, – highlighted Kirill Lipa.