After Ombra, conceptual chaise longue with massage function presented at the 2019 Fuorisalone in Milan, Italdesign renews its collaboration with Bodyfriend, the world’s leading Korean brand in deluxe healthcare, and designs DAVINCI.

DAVINCI is the world’s first body composition measuring massage chair with the aesthetic sense of Italdesign. It’s compact, iconic, rational and distinctive, with a clear ‘cocooning’ effect and explicit stylistic references to the automotive world.

DAVINCI was a challenging project. We had to express our experience to the fullest to dress up technologies with consistency and balance. The color palette used for this massage chair refers to the medical world, with blue, the color of sanitary and wellness, and white, the ideal color also for the domestic, medical and technological sectors. The metallic grey components refer on the other hand to our many automotive research prototypes. And in general, there’s an explicit reference to the automotive world, recognizable in features such as the side light elements that indicate the type of massage activated at the moment or the spin immediately below the footrest“, said Massimo Borrelli, Italdesign Senior Industrial Designer.

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