Italdesign world-premieres Zerouno Duerta and Pop.Up Next at the 88th Geneva International Motor Show.
Zerouno Duerta is the open (that’s what “duerta” means in Piedmontese dialect) version of the one-off introduced last year under Automobili Speciali brand. It will be produced in only five units and it’s equipped with a V10 5.2 aspirated engine delivering 610 hp.

Pop.Up Next is the outcome of the collaboration between Italdesign, Audi and Airbus to envisage future mobility.

Pop.Up Next reflects the philosophy driving Italdesign’s 50th anniversary celebrations, anticipating the challenges that the next fifty years will bring. It represents a vision of the potential offered by future technologies, the new concept of transportation and the new solutions for resolving the problems linked to city planning and traffic in large urban centres.

Full information on the webpage dedicated to the event.