Social responsibility and sustainability are core assets of our corporate culture. That’s why, today we formalized the agreement with the Moncalieri Municipality, in line with two projects developed with Unione dei Comuni di Moncalieri, Trofarello e La Loggia, Carità Senza Frontiere, Informatici Senza Frontiere and Sodexo Italia, implemented in our Corporate Social Responsibility and Circular Footprint programs.​

The official signing by the Mayor of Moncalieri, Paolo Montagna, and our CEO, Antonio Casu, established in one hand the commitment in offering about 2500 more meals to local people in situations of permanent unmet needs with the project “Pasto Sospeso”, in addition to the permanent food surplus recovery from our canteens already distributed. On the other hand, with the “PC di Comunità” we commit in distributing to local associations, communities and organizations about 130 PCs no longer sufficiently performing for our professional needs. ​

We keep being focused as it’s a win for all involved. ​